As one of the leading temporary staffing agencies in Miami, Future Force knows your hiring process can make or break your company. Bring great-fit people on board and you can increase productivity and win new work. If, however, you make a mistake, it can lead to morale issues, burnout and a hit on your bottom line. So what’s one of the biggest factors that can impact your hiring process? The time it takes to hire.

If your hiring process is too slow, the best candidates won’t want to sit around and wait for an offer. Today’s job market is competitive and they’ll accept an opportunity at another company that is able to move through recruiting faster.

So if your hiring process is impacting the level of workers you can hire, what can you do? Here are some steps to take:

Step #1: Identify the obstacles.

What specific areas in the hiring process are slowing you down? For instance, are you extending offers that are getting turned down? Or are too many unqualified candidates applying? Whatever the issues are with your hiring process, you need to identify them so you can correct course wherever needed.

Step #2: Evaluate your recruiting avenues.

Are you simply posting job openings on the big job boards and calling it a day? If you are, you’re not doing enough to attract high-quality candidates. For example, also consider an employee referral program you can tap when you need to hire. Likewise, your company should be promoting job openings on your website and social media accounts. And if you don’t have the time or resources to expand your recruiting efforts, consider calling in staffing professionals who can help you to source more better-quality candidates.

Step #3: Rethink your expectations.

Don’t look for perfection. It doesn’t exist and it will slow you down. Rather than the perfect new hire, search for those who can meet your essential needs. If they also have some of your nice-to-have qualifications, as well, then they’re certainly worth hiring. Just don’t get so caught up in finding that one candidate who checks every box. If there’s a certain skill a great candidate doesn’t have, consider hiring and training them for it.

If you’re still having issues with your hiring process, but need to hire fast, consider bringing in temporary help from a staffing agency. That way, you can buy yourself more time to find the right people, while also meeting demand and sustaining productivity.

Interested in learning more?

Call in the temporary recruiting experts at Future Force. With over 20 years of experience as one of the leading temporary staffing agencies in Miami, Future Force can work with you to ensure you get the qualified and skilled short-term help you need, where and when you need it. Contact Future Force today if you’re ready to learn more.

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