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What you can expect from Future Force:

  • Quality employees.
  • Rapid response.
  • Customized service.


  • Job requests filled fast – often within one hour.
  • Reach us anytime. We’re on call 24/7.
  • Guaranteed Service. If you’re not completely satisfied with our employee’s performance during the first four hours, we will release and replace that employee at no charge to you.

Services Overview

  • Short- and long-term temporary assignments.
  • Our Temp-to-hire option is an excellent way to preview a candidate’s skill-sets before you commit to making a long-term job offer.
  • Last minute fill-ins, vacation coverage, project specialists and seasonal help.
  • All Future Force associates are personally interviewed, skills tested, and reference checked. We also complete background checks and drug testing to ensure they meet your requirements.

Request a Temporary Employee

Future Force recruits and screens candidates on your behalf. There is typically NO COST to you until you decide to hire a candidate that we present. This may vary depending on your service agreement.

  • Shorten your search for highly skilled full-time employees.
  • Only the most qualified candidates will be referred for your final evaluation.
  • Gain access to an extensive talent pool.
  • Reduce the time, expense and aggravation associated with hiring.

Hire a New Employee

  • Reduce employee administrative costs and liabilities by pay-rolling your employees through Future Force. Contact us for specific details.
  • We issue the paychecks, calculate and pay the tax withholdings, and assume responsibility for any disability, unemployment or workers’ compensation claims filed by an employee.

Request Payrolling Services

A Future Force representative will be assigned to work on-site at your company to handle all your staffing needs.

Services include:

  • Screening, interviewing, drug testing and skills testing of all candidates
  • Day-to-day coordination of your temporary workforce
  • Coordination of all training requirements
  • Timecard and payroll management

Request On-Site Services

  • Eliminate typical administrative overhead related to dealing with multiple vendors. We are a full service staffing firm, able to fulfill all of your staffing needs.
  • For those very hard-to-fill and time-sensitive orders we are able to partner with other vendors and we manage the entire process to ensure that our standards of excellence in service are not compromised.

Request a Consultation

  • Keep workers safe and healthy on the job while preventing the costs and risks associated with lost time and injuries. We can educate you and your employees regarding occupational safety and health standards We also offer safety training, certifications and on-site inspections of your facilities to ensure all OSHA standards are met.

Request Safety Consulting and Training

  • Promoting and ensuring temporary and contract employee safety and well-being is the responsibility of every staffing company. Our commitment to best-in-class risk management practices provides dependable and safety-conscious employees, increasing client satisfaction.
  • The Safety Standard of Excellence program, developed by the American Staffing Association and the National Safety Council, promotes staffing industry-wide safety standards. By participating in the Safety Standard of Excellence program, staffing companies, their placed workers, and host employers can build knowledge and a mutually beneficial relationship to identify and mitigate or even eliminate workplace hazards and exposures, ensure clear communication between the staffing firms and host employers, and clearly delineate responsibilities of each party — all intended to reduce temporary and contract employees’ injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

Request a Safety Consultation

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