Easy Hiring Checklist

As one of the leading staffing services firms in Miami, Future Force knows hiring can be hard. But what doesn’t have to be a challenge is the process you go through each time you need to bring someone new on board.

Unfortunately, many companies re-invent the wheel each time they need to hire, wasting valuable resources in the process. To ensure your company isn’t one of them, below is an easy hiring checklist to follow:

Give yourself enough time.

When you need to hire, don’t give yourself a month to find the right candidate. When you’re pressed for time, you’ll make a hiring mistake. You should give yourself at least three months to source and screen job candidates and another month to interview your top picks and make a final hiring decision.

Write a job description.

If you’re not in charge of the department that needs to hire, then get with the managers who are to learn about the needs and requirements for the job.

Keep in mind, though, your job description shouldn’t just be a litany of “must-haves” for your company. You should also promote your culture and reasons why a candidate would want to work there.

Publicize your posting.

Ask employees for referrals and to spread the word about the job. Post your job ad in a variety of places, including on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as on more local or regional websites and on professional association websites.

Screen candidates.

Screen resumes and conduct phone screens to find those applicants who are a good fit for the position. For those who are not, be sure to follow up – even if it’s simply with a boilerplate letter or email – and let them know. For those who are a good fit, schedule interviews.

Create interview questions.

The key to a successful interview is preparation. Before you sit down with a candidate, spend some time to develop questions around the key traits and skills you’re hiring for. Also, don’t forget to assess soft skills and cultural fit.

Involve others in the interview process.

Bring at least two other company members into the interview process to assess candidates. Not only will they ask questions you might not have thought of or catch red flags you could miss, but you will also have someone to talk over the final hiring decision with. This is especially critical if you’re on the fence about a certain candidate.

Test candidates.

Before making a hiring decision, give a homework assignment or skill test your top few candidates. You want to ensure the person you ultimately do choose to hire can handle the types of projects you need them to.

Check references.

Verify references, credentials and other qualifying documents to ensure candidates are being honest about their backgrounds.

Once you’ve gone through the process, you should have at least two or three candidates to choose from. Remember, one candidate is not a choice!

And if you need extra help hiring for your team, call Future Force. As one of the leading staffing services firms in Miami, we can take the hassle out of hiring for you, so you get someone with the right skills, attitude, and personality for the position and your company’s culture.

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