How to Get Ahead in Your Career

Most people want to get ahead in their careers. But, as a leading Miami Lakes employment agency, we can tell you that there’s no magic potion in order to get promoted, land a new opportunity, or take your career in a different direction. However, one area to focus on when it comes to making yourself as attractive as possible to employers is soft skills.

What are they? And which ones are employers most interested in?

Soft skills are simply those personal attributes that enable an individual to effectively interact with and relate to others. With business being conducted at a faster pace than ever, employers require people with strong soft skills. A few that are considered most important include:

Work Ethic

Are you driven and dedicated to getting the job done? Are you always meticulous and putting your best work forward?


Are you adaptable and eager to learn? Are you the kind of employee who embraces change and new ideas, or resists them?

Communication Skills

Are you a good listener? Are you able to communicate your thoughts articulately in both verbal and written form? Do you ask questions that help you gain a clear sense of the big picture?

Problem Solving Skills

When you see an obstacle coming down the pike, are you resourceful in trying to solve the problem? Do you simply point out the problem, or do you try to come up with a solution? Do you take ownership over issues, or do you leave them for others to deal with?

Good Attitude

Do you have a positive attitude? Are you upbeat and easy to work with? Do you try to promote good will even when you don’t agree with someone?

Ability to Handle Pressure

Do you work well under pressure, or buckle when things get complicated? Can you handle work situations with tight deadlines? Do you come through for your employer, even in difficult situations?

Ability to Work as Part of a Team

Do you work well in groups? Can you communicate and persuade effectively? Are you willing to cooperate and compromise when needed?

When you’re applying for a job at a certain employer, focus on those soft skills you think they’d be most interested in. Demonstrate these strengths in your cover letter and on your resume. For instance, if the ability to work well under pressure is important, tell a story of a time you were able to successfully complete an important project within a short deadline.

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