4 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job

You can’t wait for the end of the day on Fridays. You dread going to work on Mondays. You think about your job all weekend. As one of Dade County’s top employment agencies, Future Force knows these are signs that it might be time to strike up your job search. What are a few other signs it’s time for something new? Here’s a look at 4:

Sign #1: You’re not learning anything.

You go to work each day. You perform the same tasks day in and out. You don’t learn anything new – and you haven’t for years. If this sounds familiar, then it’s time for a change. While you might not learn a new skill every day, you should be improving your abilities and acquiring new knowledge regularly so you can grow and advance in your career. If you’re not, it’s a sign that you’ve outgrown your job.

Sign #2: The company is always restructuring.

Departments are merged or done away with. Executives and employees are routinely laid off. You’ve had three different bosses in under two years. And there seems to be no end in sight. Not only is this a highly stressful environment to work in, there may not be much future there.

Reorganizations aren’t always bad. In fact, they can help companies become more competitive and profitable in the long run. But if the one going on at your company seems endless with no focus or priorities, then it’s time to move on.

Sign #3: There’s a revolving door.

It seems like people are constantly coming and going at your company. As soon as you get used to a new co-worker, they’ve resigned and are onto a new opportunity. Other co-workers are always updating their resumes and in the middle of job searches.

While you shouldn’t necessarily follow the herd, there’s likely a good reason for the constant turnover. You should be aware of it and ready to make a move if it impacts you.

Sign #4: Your gut says ‘go.’

There might not be any specific warning signals. But it just feels like you’ve come to the end of the line in your job. If this is the case, then there’s no harm in polishing off your resume and exploring what else is out there.

You spend most of your waking hours at work. It’s therefore vitally important to work someplace that you truly enjoy. So if you haven’t been happy at work for a while, then now is the perfect time to make a move – and Future Force can help.

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