What Hiring Managers Look for on Resumes

Searching for a new job? Did you ever wonder what hiring managers think about when reviewing your resume? If you have, you’re certainly not alone. But without ever walking in their shoes, it can be hard to know how they evaluate resumes and what they look for in candidates. The good news is that Future Force is here to help. As one of the leading employment agencies in Miami, we know what hiring managers want to know about you. Here’s a look at a few items that top their lists:

Whether you followed directions.

One of the quickest ways to ensure you don’t make it into the interview process with your resume is to not follow the directions of the job posting when applying. A hiring manager will assume if you cannot follow these simple instructions, you won’t be able to follow directions once on the job.

How closely your qualifications match their needs.

There are certain qualifications that a hiring manager will view as essential, and others that are nice-to-have. So when your resume crosses the desk of a hiring manager, one of the first things they will be on the look-out for involves how well your background fulfills their key requirements.

Whether your work history makes sense.

When it comes to your work history, hiring managers want to see an upward trajectory. They don’t want to see you in the exact same position for 10 years; or worse, a backslide. Likewise, they don’t want to see a lot of job-hopping over the course of a short period of time.

How easy your resume is to read through.

If you have a lot of dense paragraphs and long-winded details, then you’re making it hard for the hiring manager to quickly discern whether you’d be a good fit. They’ll simply discard your resume and move onto the next one. That’s why it’s important to make sure you format your resume properly. Include plenty of white space, bold your employer names and job titles, and use bullet points when discussing your background.

Whether you live nearby.

When a candidate lives an hour away from a job location, it’s a red flag for an employer. While you might be the perfect fit for a position, if you have a long commute, then you’re likely going to wind up frustrated and moving onto another company that’s closer to home.

When it comes to your resume, focus on a few items: making sure it’s clear and easy-to-read; highlighting your accomplishments, not just your job duties; following directions; and always being professional. When you do, your chances of getting noticed by a hiring manager are much better.

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