Struggling with Retention? Here are 5 Possible Reasons Why

There are a variety of reasons why employees quit. Some want a shorter commute. Others have spouses who get relocated. And still others are ready to make a major career change. In these cases, you don’t have a lot of control. However, in the majority of cases related to retention, issues with the employer is the primary reason why a worker quits.

So what are some of the specific variables at play? Future Force, one of South Florida’s leading staffing firms, offers a look at five of them:

Personality conflict with their manager.

If an employee doesn’t get along with their boss, then they’re not going to stay on board for long. After all, this relationship plays a key role in their work satisfaction and their overall quality of life. So if it’s an uncomfortable or hostile one, then it’s going to have a big impact on turnover and retention.

Lack of challenging assignments.

When an employee has been in a position for a length of time and there’s no opportunity for upward growth, then they’re going to look for other opportunities where they can advance their career. Employees, especially the best ones, want jobs where they feel challenged and like their contributions matter.

Being overlooked.

Top talent expects to be praised and recognized for their accomplishments. If, however, their hard work and talent go unnoticed, then they’re going to move onto an employer that appreciates and values them more.

Concerns about leadership.

If your company is constantly undergoing some type of restructuring, or departments seem like they’re in chaos, then employees aren’t going to have a lot of faith in how well the organization is run.

Keep in mind that leaders aren’t the only ones evaluating their team members; employees too assess the leaders they work. If there’s a concern, then employees will move onto places where they feel more confident.

Too heavy workload.

Every team goes through a busy period. But if yours is constantly under strain and stretched too thin, without an end in sight, employees will burnout and become exhausted. As a result, it won’t be long until they start looking for new positions with companies that have more reasonable demands and expectations.

Do any of these situations sound familiar? If they do, then it’s important to invest time and effort into enhancing retention. If you’re not sure, then consider conducting stay interviews asking those employees you have on staff why they stay with your organization and what they would do to improve it. That way, you can learn about and deal with any problems before they escalate into high turnover.

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