How to Push Your Top Employees to Greater Heights

There are many top reasons employees quit. One of the leading though is a lack of challenging assignments. Workers can do their jobs, they’re just bored and disengaged, so look for more meaningful opportunities elsewhere.

When this happens at your organization, how can you possibly get them re-energized and re-committed? Start with these tips from Future Force, one of the leading staffing services firms in Miami.

Demonstrate interest in their career.

The first step involves showing your interest in your employees beyond their daily performance. Meet with each one individually. Talk about where they see themselves in the company and how you can work together to help them achieve their goals. You might be surprised by some of the insight and feedback you hear. But once you have a better idea about their long-term objectives, you can help them harness their potential and direct it in a fruitful and meaningful direction within the organization.

Offer them opportunities to stretch their abilities.

There might not be a position in which you can promote a top employee today. However, regularly give them opportunities to take on new, more challenging projects where they can acquire diverse skills and sharpen their abilities. Not only will this keep them motivated and engaged, but it will better prepare them for an internal promotion down the line. Another bonus: As they see their boss and their company investing in their career, they’re going to be more likely to remain loyal for longer.

Don’t underestimate the power of praise.

When it comes to keeping your top people fully committed, make sure you’re offering consistent feedback and praise. This not only helps ensure they know where they stand, but it also makes them feel appreciated in a way that doesn’t cost you anything.

If they’re getting off course, make sure you’re there to step in and gently guide them back on track. Likewise, when they achieve an important milestone, be the first one to cheer them on and thank them for their hard work. When your employees feel you value their contributions, they’re going to work harder for you in the long run.

Need more help hiring top performers for your team?

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