How to Improve Your Resume to Kick Off Your Job Search in 2019

Writing a great resume isn’t easy, and it can become one aspect of your job search that requires a great investment of time. What’s more is that in recent years, the rules have changed. A resume that was considered to be excellent ten years ago might have elements that today’s hiring managers consider obsolete or dated.

Clearly, there’s a lot to know when it comes to effective resume writing. What other best practices do you need to be following to ensure yours is positioned for success in 2019? Here are four tips to help you craft a compelling one, so you can find new jobs in Florida and get the interviews you want.

Tip #1: Treat it like a marketing document.

Too many candidates write their resumes like an autobiography of their career history. But this approach is bland and boring. Instead, your resume should be concise, detail your best accomplishments, and really tell an overarching story. Every word counts and should highlight your strengths in an engaging way.

Keep in mind too, your resume doesn’t need to cover every aspect of your background. Instead, it’s the highlight reel to attract hiring managers and entice them to call you for an interview.

Tip #2: Integrate key words.

When it comes to Miami jobs, most local companies today rely on some type of applicant tracking system to qualify candidates using keywords. So if you don’t include any from the posting in your resume, then your resume will easily get overlooked.

To avoid this, read through the job listing and scan for the buzzwords. Then make sure you incorporate a mix of them on your resume, including both technical and soft skills, as well as relevant industry-related terms and certifications.

Tip #3: Punch up the aesthetics.

In 2019, the appearance of your resume is important if you want to set yourself apart from other candidates. While you don’t need a graphic design degree to stand out, you do need to spend some time ensuring your resume looks as good as it reads. This includes with judicious use of white space, bullet points, and bolded titles, along with easy-to-scan font sizes and short paragraphs.

In addition, consider showcasing some personality with a subtle pop of color or some simple graphics, like charts, images or icons. Just make sure these enhance the content instead of getting in the way of it and that they’re appropriate for your industry.

Tip #4: List the right contact information.

When it comes to your contact information, you can skip your full mailing address. Instead, use the space for your name, email and phone number. If you have more than one number, just list your mobile. Also, if you author a blog, include a live link to it. Make sure too that you list your LinkedIn URL, as well as any other relevant social media accounts that are important for the hiring manager to know about.

Reading a resume is a tedious task for most hiring managers. However, you can make their job a lot easier, all while distinguishing yourself from the sea of other candidates by following the best practices above.

And if you’d like more help finding a new job in Miami in 2019, call the experts at Future Force. We can help you find a rewarding opportunity with a great company, all so you can achieve your career goals in the year ahead. Contact us today to learn more.