Why Caution is Key for Your Business

When you’re busy managing your people, getting orders out the door and putting out fires, safety can take a back seat. However, it should be a top concern. Not only can safety procedures have a big impact on your company bottom line, but it’s also up to you to ensure the workplace environment is a secure one for your team. If it’s not, it’s going to impact the quality of employees you’re able to attract not to mention your cost of doing business.

Future Force Personnel has earned the Safety Standard of Excellence from the American Staffing Association and is ready to help your business achieve higher safety standards! To help you maintain a “safety first” mentality, here are a few key steps from Future Force, one of the top staffing firms in Miami, to keep in mind.

Educate Your Team

Proper training is vital if you want to avoid injuries and accidents in the workplace. That’s why you should be investing in regular safety training and education for your staff. This is especially important for employees new to the team. However, even veterans need continual refreshers to ensure they’re properly adhering to safety rules and to inform them about emerging areas of concerns or threats.

Establish Lines of Communication

Communication is critical for every aspect of your business, but especially when it comes to safety. If there are new hazards, for instance, in your facility, then your people need to know. In addition, it’s also important that your employees are notified about whom to contact and how to communicate when they notice an issue. Finally, don’t be the only one doing the communicating about safety. Schedule regular meetings to get insight and feedback from your staff on how to improve safety at work.

Have a Process for Regular Review

Inspections should be an ongoing part of your routine. These should include scheduled inspections where your team has time to prepare, as well as surprises ones to ensure everything is above passing. Areas to cover include: floors and staircases, machinery, personal protective equipment, first aid kits, footwear, cleanliness and lighting. It might take an investment of time, but when your perform these, you can identify and resolve problems before they cause an expensive accident or injury

Turn Insights into Action

If you do see signs of a risk, whether it’s an existing or developing one, move swiftly to rectify it. For instance, you might need to post more signs and labels on or near heavy machinery. Or change safety protocol in order to ensure the floors are clean and cleared of clutter after each shift. Some other common workplace safety challenges to keep an eye on that often cause injuries or accidents include: when employees are working from heights, extension cords, improper lockout / tagout and chemicals.

Need Help Hiring Safety-Focused Employees?

Call Future Force Personnel! As one of Miami Lakes top staffing firms, we can source, screen and give you access to candidates who are not only skilled, but who are safety-conscious too. That way, you can ensure your whole team is well protected. Contact us today to learn more or get started.