How Does a Vendor-on-Premise Guide Your Team to Success?

future force personnel vendor on premise

Have you heard of a vendor-on-premise (VOP) and had questions about what it entails or how it can benefit your team? A VOP relationship simply exists when you have a large volume of temporary workers and use a representative from one of Miami’s top temporary hiring agencies to manage them on-site. This type of relationship offers many benefits, including:

  • Frees up your HR department to focus on other, more strategic priorities, as well as issues related to full-time employees.
  • Streamlines your staffing function, making it more efficient and less costly by providing a single point of contact for payroll, administration and other important tasks.
  • Enhances flexibility and allows you to leverage new business opportunities by enabling you to maintain an optimal level of workers at all times during the year.

So what are some specific areas where bringing on a VOP can benefit your business?

Finding, screening and interviewing the best candidates.

With a VOP, the recruiter from your temporary hiring agency is constantly looking for new employees to meet your needs. As a result, they can fill openings and meet fluctuating demands faster with a high-quality, skilled talent pool.

Not only that, but they’ll also carefully screen and interview applicants, as well as conduct the appropriate background checks, check references and administer skills testing. This ensures the best-fit people are brought on board.

Coordinating day-to-day operations of your temporary workforce.

Once you have your temporary workers in place, your recruiter will handle the daily deployment and scheduling of tasks and responsibilities. This ensures contingent staff know what they’re doing, when it needs to be completed by and whom they’re reporting to. Beyond that, a VOP service can also help by overseeing hiring budgets and costs, staffing usage, attendance, performance issues, and other key areas.

Leading training efforts of temporary staff.

Training and onboarding are an important part of any hiring efforts. By bringing in a VOP, though, you don’t have to worry about the details. They’ll create a custom plan that works best for your company and your workforce, focusing on critical areas, such as safety and performance expectations. This will reduce the hassles and headaches of you handling this function on your own, as well as cut down on your compliance risks.

Managing timecards and payroll.

This is a huge part of what your HR department has to manage, especially when you have a fluctuating temporary workforce. But when you use a VOP for this responsibility, you can ensure it’s performed accurately and more affordably.

These are just a few critical areas in which a VOP can give your company a competitive edge. If you’re interested in learning more about them, or other ways a VOP can benefit your company, contact Future Force today.


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