10 Common Job Interview Questions

Getting ready for an important interview? There’s a lot on the line. The quality of your answers will likely determine whether or not you get the offer. So how can you impress the hiring manager? By preparing ahead of time for some of the most commonly asked questions. Here’s a look at 10 of them and how to respond:

Tell me about yourself.

You don’t need to go into great detail about your personal life and hobbies. Instead, talk about the qualities and experience that make you an excellent fit for this particular job.

Why are you looking for a new job?

This is no time to bash your current job, company, boss, or co-workers. Instead, talk about how you’re looking to advance, but there isn’t room to do so with your employer. Or how you’re looking for a change in terms of culture.

Why did you apply for this job?

The hiring manager wants to know what attracted you to their role, as well as if you did your homework. So be ready with an insightful answer that showcases what you know about the company and why you want to work for them.

What’s your biggest strength?

When answering this question, think about the role and what’s most important to successful performance in it. This will set you apart from other candidates with more generic answers.

What are your weaknesses?

Don’t get with the old standby, “I’m a perfectionist.” Instead, talk about a specific issue you’ve had in the past and steps you took to overcome it.

Tell me about a challenging time at work. How did you handle it?

Whether it was a tough project or a difficult client, come up with an example that explains what the issue was, how you went about resolving it, and the positive outcome it achieved. Get as specific as possible with facts and figures if you can.

Why are you a good fit for this job?

This is an ideal time to tell a story or give an example that showcases your most relevant abilities and your successful track record. Not only will it explain why you’re a good fit, but make you more memorable to the hiring manager.

What can you do better than other candidates?

This is where you should be discussing any unique experience or abilities you have, or talking about a significant accomplishment that will help you stand out.

What are your career goals?

The hiring manager is trying to gauge whether you’re a match for what they’re able to offer you in terms of opportunities and whether you’d be an employee who plans to stick around. So focus on what you’d want to achieve in the position if hired.

What do you do when things don’t go your way at work?

Every workplace has its stressful moments, and the hiring manager wants to ensure you have healthy coping techniques in place for when things get rough in their office.

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