3 Ways to Adapt Your Hiring Process for a Changing Economy

This year has been unlike any other. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way companies recruit, hire, and employ individuals. The biggest shift is the move towards remote. Meetings are online, work is done at home, and the hiring process must adapt in order to remain relevant.

How can you find strong candidates in an economy that seems to be changing wildly from one month to the next? Here are some tips to navigate your way through and come out on top:

Understand what matters to candidates.

In the past, candidates were looking for jobs where they could make a difference and understand why their contributions mattered. In today’s climate, they want to work for a company that’s stable. They don’t want to worry that if another shutdown happened in the future, their job would be at risk.

Another factor that’s important to candidates is flexibility. With home and work-life completely merged at times, it’s a must for an employer to be flexible with scheduling. This includes offering remote opportunities, flex hours, and being open to adapting or adjusting to help your team maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Make the hiring process simpler and faster.

This requires taking a data-driven approach and using tools like an Applicant Tracking System. Many companies do this now. Even more must pivot to one in light of so much networking, recruiting, and hiring happening online.

Even in better times, though, these are useful tools because they help you assess your application and hiring process and decide what it needs to change. For example, if you’re noticing that it’s taking too long for employees to fill out an application or they’re abandoning them altogether, then it’s time to invest in simplifying the process.

Create a positive experience.

The economy has been strong for several years, with candidates having their choice between job offers. That might change in the near future due to the pandemic. However, you should still focus on creating a positive experience for each candidate.

With social media, candidates can connect easily with one another and discuss the hiring experience they went through at your company. Reputation still matters, and you want to ensure your employer brand is as strong as possible.

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