Different Hiring Techniques for Millennials and Gen Z

Recruiting has evolved dramatically in recent years, from the strategies used to the varying needs and preferences of a multi-generational workforce. When it comes to Millennials, now mostly in their 30s, and the next wave of graduations, Gen Z, how can you recruit them successfully? There are some tips to keep in mind, so you’re able to appeal to them, while also setting your own expectations. Here’s what to know.

Inform yourself.

Do some research ahead of time about these different generations, how they communicate, what they do in their spare time, and ways the recent pandemic has affected them. For instance, Millennials have grown up during prosperous times, while Gen Z has seen a lot more struggles. In addition, Millennials tend to like collaborating, while Gen Z workers tend to be more independent.

When you understand these differences, the conversations you have with them will be more fruitful. The candidates you do interview will also appreciate that you know where they’re coming from and have taken their unique perspective into account.

Provide room for growth and stability.

Both of these generations have experienced a lot of uncertainty and stress in recent times. Money has been tight, jobs have disappeared, and retirement seems less and less attainable. If you’re able to paint the picture of a company that is performing well – that it’s solid and stable – you’ll go a long way in attracting them. In addition, talk about other advantages you can offer besides security, including upward mobility, a clear career path, and retirement benefits.

Know what technology they’re using.

Both generations are tech-savvy. However, Gen Z are true digital natives. It’s therefore important to make technology a part of the hiring process by ensuring your job applications are mobile-friendly, your company is on social media, and you’re using texting as one of the ways you communicate with candidates. Using old or outdated software systems or insisting on phone calls or in-person meetings only sends the wrong message to these younger generations.

Offer remote work and other modern benefits.

Both Millennials and Gen Z workers want more flexibility in their lives. So, if you can, offer the ability to telecommute or hybrid scheduling. Other perks to consider include a mentoring program to attract talented candidates who have leadership potential. Besides these, don’t forget the tried-and-true benefits, like health insurance, paid time off, and retirement savings.

Promote in the right place.

Many Gen Z workers are just starting out in their careers, while Millennials have been in the workforce for a while. When it comes to recruiting Gen Z, focusing on-campus recruitment at colleges and universities is key. For both Gen Z and Millennial professionals, a robust career website, complete with blogs, videos, and compelling images, is important, as is a social media presence.

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