Does Your Work Culture Stink?

Meeting customer needs and getting orders out the door doesn’t seem to leave a whole lot of time in the day for other things. But if you’re not spending any time or investing resources on creating a great work culture, then you could be missing an important opportunity, not to mention missing out on recruiting the best candidates.

And in fact, as one of Dade County’s top staffing firms, Future Force knows that building a culture that keeps employees coming back for more, day and day out, will only serve to benefit you in the end.

So beyond competitive pay and benefits, what can you do to make sure your culture stacks up against – and hopefully outranks ­– the competition? Here are some tips:

Give Up Some Control.

As a boss, you can’t do all things at all times. So you need to empower your employees with a higher level of responsibility. When employees have some control, they feel more vested in the company and its products and services, as well as more loyal.

Meet Only As Needed.

One of the biggest productivity killers is the unnecessary meeting. Yes, there are certainly times when you need to get together face-to-face with your team to discuss projects, results, or milestones. But rather than having a plethora of regularly scheduled – and dreaded – meetings, encourage more impromptu meetings with your team and among them.

Keep it Casual.

If you work in an environment in which you meet with clients, then you may need to don the occasional suit or tie every once in a while. But given the number of hours that Americans work today, it’s important to keep the culture comfortable and casual. That doesn’t mean flip flops and jeans…it simply means to make employees feel more at home.

Add Some Fun into the Mix.

Everyone needs some time to blow off steam from work. So let employees leave early on a Friday, or schedule a company-wide activity where employees can get to know each other better and have some fun. It’s important for your employees to work hard, but it’s also important that you recognize their hard work.

Hire Right.

One of the fastest ways to kill your work culture is to hire a toxic employee. So be selective about who you choose to bring on board. Take the time to ensure that they not only have the right skills and experience, but also that their personality is a fit for your culture.

Need Help Hiring Right?

If you do, let Future Force know. As one of Dade County’s top staffing firms, we’ve helped thousands of clients find qualified and reliable talent on a short-term, seasonal, and full-time basis since 1992. Let us help you! Contact Future Force today to learn more.

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