Does Your Resume Scream “Amateur”?

Your resume is the first point of contact a hiring manager will have with you. And yet so many good candidates have resumes that position them as less-than-professional.

Unfortunately, in today’s competitive economy, it’s an employer’s market, so even the littlest misstep can put you out of the running for a job opening. That’s why, as one of the leading employment agencies in South Florida, Future Force can tell you that your resume needs to scream “talent, work ethic, drive, ambition, positive results”…not “amateur.”

So what are some resume mistakes you could be making? Here’s a look at 5:

Mistake #1: Spelling Mistakes.

You might be a brilliant professional with a strong track record and impeccable references. But if you repeatedly use “there” instead of “their” on your resume, then it will wind up in the trash. Don’t let silly spelling and grammatical errors upset your job search efforts. Have a friend or family member proofread your resume…and then proof it again.

Mistake #2: Bad References.

This includes listing your spouse or best friend as a reference and/or only including the reference’s first name. Instead, if a job posting asks for a list of references on your resume, be sure to include the person’s first and last name, company name, job title, and phone number, including the area code.

Mistake #3: Silly Email Accounts & Unprofessional Voicemail Recordings.

Getting an email account these days is not a hard thing to do. So if your personal email address is something like, then you need to get a new one for your job search purposes. Likewise, if the voicemail recording on your home or cell phone is unprofessional, then it’s time for a change.

Mistake #4: Submitting the Same Resume as Everyone Else.

Don’t do a web search for resume samples, copy and paste one word for word, and just change out your personal information. Many job candidates do that and, as a result, hiring managers get a whole lot of the same exact resume.

Instead, stand out. Take some time to craft a strong resume with specific accomplishments and results. Don’t let your resume wind up in the trash because you didn’t want to take the time to customize it.

Mistake #5: Too Much or Not Enough Information.

Your resume shouldn’t be a 10-page document that lists every single job you had (including cutting lawns in junior high), along with every task you’ve been responsible for. Nor should you be too brief with the information. Each position you list on your resume should be relevant in some way to the job you’re applying for. It should include a brief description of your duties, along with a list of accomplishments you’d like to highlight for a particular position.

Need More Resume Help?

If you do, let Future Force know. As one of the leading employment agencies in South Florida, we can work with you to craft a strong resume, as well as match you with job opportunities that are a great fit for you.

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