Hiring Unemployed Applicants: Fact vs. Fiction

Not that long ago, there was an uproar in the media that resulted from companies placing job postings stating basically “don’t apply if you’re unemployed.”

But while there are certainly employers out there that don’t look too kindly on being unemployed, is it really the “scarlet letter” of the working world that it once was?

As one of the leading staffing agencies in Dade County, Future Force thinks the answer is “no.” Here’s why:

Fiction: Unemployment is a big red flag on a resume.

Fact: It’s true that multiple gaps in employment, or long stretches (think years here) of unexplained unemployment are an indicator of a bad applicant.

However, thanks to a really bad economy, lots of great applicants are unemployed – and have been for a while. So using unemployment as a filter to screen out applicants is a bad idea; you’ll miss out on some of the best ones if you do.

Fiction: Only poor performing employees get laid off. 

Fact: Anything goes in today’s economy – and that means a company may have to lay off some of their most talented people to get their bottom line in order. Gone are the days of simply trimming the fat; today some companies are forced to trim muscles and tendons too.

In addition, if a company has a LIFO (last in, first out) policy, then tenure and seniority are the basis for the lay off decision. So really, the only fault of an unemployed applicant is that they were one of the last to get hired. In those cases, being laid off has nothing to do with skill or competency.

Fiction: Unemployed candidates are behind the curve.

Fact: Despite what you might think, most unemployed applicants don’t want to sit around their house, waiting for the phone to ring. As a result, they volunteer, join an association, attend seminars, or start taking classes. In other words, they keep busy and keep their skills sharp for when the right opportunity comes along.

Need Help Hiring Your Next Top Performer?

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