Why You Need to Always Follow Up With Candidates (Even if You Don’t Hire Them)

When it comes to the hiring process, you’re focused on finding the best candidates and identifying the one that’s right for you. But are you also putting some effort into communicating with all candidates – regardless of whether they get hired or not? If not, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to build a strong employer brand.

Here’s why:

It’s good business to communicate openly and follow up, plain and simple.

As one of the leading staffing agencies in South Florida, Future Force knows that today’s job candidates expect two-way communication from prospective employers about where they stand in the hiring process. They also expect employers to be open about how the process works and the timeline for hiring.

So when you communicate promptly with candidates, whether it’s to schedule an interview or to let them know they didn’t get the job, it shows that you respect the job candidate and that you care about how your company is perceived by them.

On the flip side, when you promise them a phone call by the end of the week and they never hear from you, you’re going to wind up with one disgusted job candidate who tells everyone they know about their experience with you. What’s more is that a candidate you didn’t hire this time around could potentially be a future customer or a great hire for another position. But you’ll never know if you treat them badly.

So how should you go about following up?

When you’re finishing up an interview, try to give a candidate a date by which they will hear from you about the job.

If you can’t offer a firm date, then give them an estimate. Do not, under any circumstances, leave them hanging. Always let them know where things stand either way.

If you do give your candidate a date and you still haven’t made a decision by then, don’t give them the silent treatment.

Just shoot them an email or give them a quick call letting them know you haven’t forgotten about them and a hiring decision is still in the works. When you treat candidates this way, it will do wonders for your employer brand.

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