7 Ways to Stand Out to Your Boss

As one of the leading employment firms in Miami, Future Force knows that developing a great relationship with your boss isn’t about kissing up. It’s about anticipating their needs and knowing how to deliver. Looking to improve your relationship with your boss – and get him or her to love you? Here’s how:

#1: Do your job.
It sounds like a no brainer. But too many times, employees let details fall through the cracks, miss deadlines, and don’t deliver on promises. So one easy way to stand out to your boss is to simply do your job and do it well.

#2: Be clear about expectations.
Nothing derails a relationship with your boss faster than not performing to expectation. So if you’re feeling like you’re not on the same page with them in terms of goals, have a conversation with your boss. Schedule a private meeting and ask him or her what their expectations are for you in the coming months and year. Make sure you’re clear about deliverables and timelines. If you have questions, that’s the perfect time to ask.

#3: Recommend solutions.
Your boss doesn’t want to hear about problems; they want to hear about solutions. So if you need to bring up an issue, then be sure you’ve thought through a viable answer to it, as well. Say something along the lines of: “We’re having a problem making sure reports are delivered to customers on time. I think we should set a goal of delivering them within one business week. What are your thoughts on that?”

#4: Learn what’s important to your boss.
If you’re not sure, then ask your boss: “What’s your biggest problem?” Asking this question is especially important if you’re new to the team or if your boss is new. It will help you identify your boss’s priorities and give you an opening to let him or her know that you’re available to help. It also shows that you’re someone who thinks strategically and takes initiative; not someone who needs a lot of hand-holding.

#5: Be open minded about their feedback.
If your boss tells you to improve in a certain area, don’t get defensive; get to work improving. And if you don’t agree with what they say, then calmly explain why.

#6: Admit your mistakes.
If you made a mistake on a project, take responsibility for your actions. Don’t try to point the finger of blame or shrug off the error as “no big deal.” When you talk to your boss about the mistake, be ready to communicate what you’d do instead next time to avoid similar missteps in the future.

#7: Use their preferred communication method.
If your boss likes in-person reports, then make an effort to stop by their office to check in. If they like email updates, then don’t show up at their office to talk. Pay attention to how your boss wants to communicate and use that method whenever possible.

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