4 Tips for Dealing With Lazy Employees

As a manager, a lazy employee can be a problem in a lot of ways. They show up late to work and meetings; take long lunches; and don’t get their work done. Not only does your lazy employee impact productivity, but they also likely infuriate your other staff members. Or worse, they’ll begin to affect how your other staff members behave. After all, if one employee perpetually comes in late, what’s to stop another employee from emulating the same behavior?

Short of firing your lazy employee, is there anything you can do to try to deal with them and get them back on track at your company? To help you, here are a few tips to consider:

Tip #1: Set clear goals.

As one of the leading staffing agencies in Dade County, Future Force knows that in many cases, when an employee isn’t clear on goals and expectations – or goals and expectations keep changing, they become disengaged, which can lead to laziness. As their manager, it’s up to you to ensure they’re clear on what they should be doing and what you expect from them. Also, be sure to schedule meetings with them regularly to monitor progress.

Tip #2: Conduct random check-ins.

Besides your regular check-ins, make sure to keep your lazy employee on their toes by checking in randomly. When you unexpectedly stop by their office to see how work is progressing, you’re sending the message that they are on your radar. It will boost their motivation as a result. That being said, don’t hover or look over their shoulder constantly. You want people you can trust and you have to give your employee a real chance to redeem him or herself.

Tip #3: Try to develop a better relationship with them.

If you don’t know your employee that well, then you won’t know what motivates them. So strive to learn more about them on a personal basis so you can find out about their goals and ambitions. When you do, you’ll have a clearer sense of what makes them tick and how to keep them motivated.

Tip #4: Offer rewards.

If a lazy employee starts to improve their behavior, recognize them for their efforts. That way, they’ll stay encouraged and motivated to continue doing their best.

Hopefully, the tips above will help you manage a lazy employee. However, if all your efforts fail, then it may be time to replace that person with someone more motivated.

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