5 Essentials to Bring With You on Your Next Job Interview

As one of the leading employment agencies in Miami, Future Force knows that job interviews are a nerve-wracking experience. However, you can calm those pre-interview jitters by ensuring you’re well prepared for the big day. Obviously, you’re going to want to research the company, develop a list of questions to ask, and prepare answers to questions that will likely come your way. But it’s also important to bring along a few items with you. What are they? Here’s a look at 5 essentials:

#1: Copies of your resume and letters of recommendations.

The company may not have asked you to bring along copies of your resume, but it certainly can’t hurt. This is especially true if multiple people from the company will be interviewing you. Not everyone may have a copy of your resume. So you’ll look well prepared – and make a strong first impression – if you’re able to offer someone your resume who doesn’t have a copy. It’s one easy point you can score.

#2: A list of several references.

Before your interview, contact three to five individuals you’d like to use as references to ask their permission. At least two of them should be former bosses or managers. When you go to the interview, bring along this list – which should include their names, titles, companies and contact information. At the end of the interview, if the hiring manager asks you to submit your references, you’ll once again be a step ahead when you offer them your list.

#3: Paper and a pen.

Chances are, you won’t remember everything that you cover during the interview. So bring along a small notebook and pen, so you can jot down any important thoughts or details, such as the names and titles of the people interviewing you (so you can send follow up thank you notes), the next steps in the hiring process, and any other information you’ll need to submit after the job interview.

#4: Directions and phone numbers.

Before you leave home, make sure you have directions to the company’s location, as well as a phone number to call in case you’re running late or get lost.

#5: Breath mints.

Make sure you bring breath mints with you in case you’re drinking coffee on the way to the interview. Just be sure you’re not sucking or chewing on one during the actual interview.

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