When You Should Resign Before You Have Another Job

You don’t like your boss. You hate the work. Your colleagues are gossips. And so you’re considering handing in your resignation. But it’s conventional wisdom: You shouldn’t quit your job until you have another one lined up. However, like with anything, there are also some exceptions to that rule of thumb.

So when is it ok to resign before securing another a job? Here are a few scenarios:

It’s impacting your health.

If your job is making you sick…literally…then it’s time to do something about it. No position is worth being sleep deprived, constantly stressed and sick all the time. If your working conditions are inducing illness, the longer you stay, the worse it’s going to get. In fact, according to a Harvard and Stanford universities study, workplace stress can cut up to nearly three years from your life expectancy.

The culture is toxic.

Whether it’s a bully for a boss or negative colleagues who backstab you at every turn, a toxic workplace culture can make it nearly impossible to be productive and happy on the job. This misery can oftentimes trickle into other areas of your life, including your personal and family life. Putting in your two weeks notice may be the best step you take at this point.

Your spouse got a dream offer across the country.

If you’re uprooting and moving to another location because your spouse accepted a new opportunity, then it’s only logical that you’ll probably have to quit without a new position lined up. Just be sure to mention the situation when you’re interviewing for jobs in your new city so hiring managers don’t wonder whether you were fired.

A final note: If you leave a job before getting another one, you’re likely going to raise some red flags for potential employers. When you’re being interviewed, be straightforward. Tell the hiring manager that you were being forced to do things you didn’t agree with and you wanted to invest your energy fully into finding a great new opportunity.

Before you quit your job without a new one, make sure you weigh the risks vs. rewards, and also consider your financial situation. While it’s not ideal to resign without a job lined up, it can sometimes be the best step to take in your career.

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