Help! An Employee Keeps Making the Same Mistakes

As one of the leading staffing firms in Miami Lakes, Future Force knows every employee is bound to make some mistakes. But when you have people, or a certain person, who keeps making a lot of mistakes…or the same mistakes…over and over, it can be a frustrating experience.

Is there anything you can do to get them on track and boost their performance? Here are 6 tips to help you in the process:

Tip #1: Talk to your mistake maker.

Don’t let the problem continue and fester. You need to schedule a sit down with your employee and discuss the issue. When you do, don’t do all the talking. Let your employee voice their opinion and ask them what they would propose as a solution. Oftentimes, employees know they are making mistakes and will have good ideas for how to fix the problem going forward. Also, when the solution is their own idea, they’re far more likely to stick to it.

Tip #2: Communicate the serious nature of the issue.

if the mistakes or problems are serious, make sure the employee understands the consequences of their inaction, whether it’s a write-up or termination. If they don’t think the problem is a big deal, then they won’t try to correct course going forward.

Tip #3: Make sure your employee understands the impact.

An employee might think a certain mistake is no big deal. But there are likely other team members or customers who are being impacted by it. It’s up to you to educate your employee on the consequences of their mistake, so they understand the effect it’s having. When an employee is simply reprimanded for a mistake, it might continue. However, if they actually see the outcome from their mistake and how it’s affecting others, then it’s easier for them to correct course going forward.

Tip #4: Train them.

If you have a good employee who keeps making mistakes, then invest some time and energy in extra training. It’s important to understand how they’re operating, how they’re prioritizing, and why they keep making mistakes. For some people, all they need is a little training on how to be more successful.

Tip #5: Evaluate your processes.

In other words, are there common places where mistakes are happening by a lot of employees? Could more automation or training help? What are the specific roadblocks here and how can you overcome them? The goal is to make sure that it’s not a clunky process or obsolete technology that’s causing the employee to make mistakes.

Tip #6: Encourage questions.

Are employees generally hesitant or afraid to come to you with questions? Then that kind of culture could be the source of many mistakes. Instead, make sure your people are comfortable coming to you with questions and concerns – so you can nip problems in the bud before they become big mistakes.

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