What to Look for in Temporary Employees

If your business is like many others, then you use temporary workers to meet an increase in demand, or to provide coverage during an employee’s absence. But what qualities should you be looking for when you’re recruiting these workers? Here are a few to keep an eye out for:

Positive attitude.

When you’re looking to hire someone for a temporary position, you need them to get up and running quickly. That’s hard to do if they have a bad attitude or seem unwilling to cooperate. That’s why, whether you need someone to fill in for an employee’s sick leave or to help get a big job order out the door, it’s important they have a good attitude.

Easy to train.

How willing is the candidate to learn new skills? As one of the leading staffing agencies in Dade County, Future Force knows if they seem inflexible and stuck in their ways, they’re probably not a good fit for a temporary position. The best-fit people are those who are open to learning new things and who can also switch gears quickly throughout the course of the day. So look for candidates who are eager to learn and ask a lot of questions during the interview process.


You need temporary workers who can quickly adapt themselves to your company and their new co-workers. Those who can will be able to make more positive contributions and assimilate better to your team.


If the candidate shows up 10 minutes late, or says they have to leave the interview early, it’s a warning sign of what you can expect once they’re on the job. That’s why it’s important to hire those who are both prompt and professional. They’re more likely to be a reliable asset for your company.

Temporary workers can offer your organization a host of valuable benefits. The trick is to find the right ones for your team. But if you look for the qualities above, then you’ll be well on your way toward getting the talented temporaries you need who can make a positive impact.

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