Unemployed? Don’t Make These Job Search Mistakes

When you’re looking for a new job, it’s always best to do it from a place of employment. Sometimes, though, for various reasons, that might not be possible. If that’s the case for you, how can you stand out to potential employers?

Future Force has the answers you need. As one of the leading employment agencies in Miami, here are some mistakes to avoid that can help you as you search for a new job:

Not having a daily routine.

When you’re out of work, your job search should become your new full-time commitment. To ensure you get the most from the time you put into it, set up some structure to your day. How you approach it is up to you. However, you should set aside several hours each day where you’re searching for work, applying for jobs, making follow up calls and networking.

Focusing on quantity, not quality.

When you’re out of work, you want to find a new job as soon as possible. But that doesn’t mean you should apply for anything and everything. When you do, you won’t have enough focus and energy to really put the effort into the positions that are the best fit for you. You’ll simply stretch yourself too thin and not stand out to hiring managers at all.

Waiting for the perfect job.

This is a mistake for any job candidate, employed or not. The perfect job simply doesn’t exist. When an offer comes your way, though, it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons so you can better discern whether it’s the right opportunity for you. Those jobs with more pros than cons are all worth considering, even if they’re not perfect.

Acting too desperate.

On the flip side of waiting for perfection involves acting too desperate. When interviewing, if you overshare about your job search angst and come off like you’ll be willing to accept anything, hiring managers won’t want to choose you. Instead, know your worth and be patient for a good opportunity to come along.

Having a bad attitude.

Finding a great new job can be tough even when you are employed. But don’t let a negative attitude impact your efforts. If you do, then it’s going to infiltrate your job search efforts. You’ll have less motivation to look for jobs and prepare for phone screens and interviews. In addition, your lack of energy will come through loud and clear when you’re talking to hiring managers.

Need more help finding a job that’s right for you?

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