Think a Job Applicant is Lying? Here’s How to Tell

When it comes to interviewing and hiring, you have a lot of work to do to find the right candidate, from screening resumes to asking the right interview questions to conducting background checks. And there’s so much at stake. One wrong move and you could wind up with a bad hiring decision, one that could impact your team’s productivity and your company’s bottom line.

What makes matters more complicated is that candidate’s often put on their mask, so to speak, to interview for jobs. This way, you’ll only see one side of them, rather than the full picture. But there are times when an individual could slip and lead you to suspect a lie. When this happens, how can you really tell and how do you go about handling it?

Here are some tips from Future Force – one of South Florida’s leading staffing firms – to help you:

Listen for vague responses.

When you’re asking a direct question and get a vague response, it can often be an indication a candidate isn’t telling the truth. This is especially true if you dig deeper and ask follow up questions, but still don’t get a clear cut answer. Qualified applicants will be able to provide detailed information, complete with specific stories, numbers, and proof of their accomplishments.

Evaluate their body language.

Look for signs of negative body language, such as a lack of eye contact, touching their face and looking around the room as they’re answering questions. While it’s true that the candidate could simply be nervous, they could also be deceiving you. The body language they communicate with can often be a telltale sign.

Check and verify their references and skills.

When it comes to a candidate’s skills and abilities, you don’t simply have to take their word for it. You can use various skills testing tools to ensure they have the qualifications you need to get the job done. You should also check at least three references to verify that they were honest about their background on their resume and have the right experience for your job opening.

Trust your instincts.

If you’re an experienced manager and have seen your fair share of job candidates, then you will likely be able to spot a dishonest candidate a mile away. So when you notice red flags – and they raise your instincts – trust them and move onto another candidate you have more peace of mind with.

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