What to Do When Your First Day on the Job Doesn’t Go Well

You’ve been nervously anticipating the start of your new job for weeks. Now the big day has come and gone – and it didn’t go well. You’re wondering whether you made a mistake accepting the position, or if things will get better. What should you do and how can you deal going forward in the days ahead? Here are some tips from our Miami Lakes employment agency to keep in mind:

Just breathe.

The first day on the job isn’t necessarily a sign that your time at a particular company is doomed. So don’t put too much weight on it. Sure, it might not have gone as well as you’d hoped, whether it was overwhelming or simply boring. But that doesn’t mean you made a mistake in accepting the offer. There’s a reason you took the job and that will likely become more clear in the days and weeks ahead.

Set realistic expectations.

The first days and weeks in a new job can be tough. You’re new to the team and not sure how things work, so you might constantly feel on edge, which can be exhausting. Likewise, if there’s a big learning curve – and you were the go-to person in your last position – this can be hard to come to terms with. But it takes time to get up and running, no matter how talented and experienced you are. That’s why realistic expectations are so important; don’t set yourself up for failure by thinking you can and should be a star performer on day one.

Try not to compare.

When you’re in a new job, you’re likely comparing them with past employers. But if you want to be successful, it’s important to understand and accept that your new company is going to be different. Don’t constantly compare or voice those comparisons. After all, the way a past employer handled a certain situation or managed work might not necessarily be better; it could simply be that you’re more comfortable with it. Instead, if you see an area where they could improve based on your past experience, make the suggestion down the line once you really understand the company and their needs better.

Make connections.

One of the best ways to get comfortable in a new job is to start getting connected. That means putting forth the effort to get to know your co-workers, as well as those outside of your department. Go to lunches and happy hours if you’re invited. Make small talk to get to know those around you, even if it’s not your strong suit. Wherever and whenever you can, strive to start forging relationships. You’ll feel like a part of the team faster when you do.

The bottom line is that just because the first day, or first few, went badly doesn’t mean you should immediately jump ship. New jobs take time to adjust to, so be patient and don’t panic.

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