4 Tips for Focusing on Safety During a Manufacturing Job Interview

As one of the leading employment agencies in Miami, Future Force knows one of the biggest issues manufacturing employers face today involves safety. Thanks to rising workers compensation costs, companies can take a hit on their bottom line when accidents and injuries happen.

So if you’re looking for Miami jobs in the field of manufacturing, one of the best ways to position yourself as a top contender is to focus on safety in your interview answers. Here are some ways to do that:

Show you’re safety minded.

When you’re talking about safety and related issues during the interview process, don’t ever joke about the rules you have to follow. Employers take safety seriously and you should too. They want to know they’re hiring a candidate whom they can trust to follow safety procedures and also alert them to safety hazards. So don’t ever downplay its importance during the hiring process.

Share examples of your safety record.

Beyond showing that you’re safety-minded, it’s also helpful to have some specific examples of your commitment to safety when you walk into the interview. So, ahead of time, think about your past work experience and come up with several examples related to safety.

For instance, was there a time you noticed a new hazard and notified your employer? Or have you undergone any special safety training or continuing education? Be prepared to weave these examples into your interview answers.

Be ready to answer common questions.

When you’re being interviewed for a job in manufacturing, there are some common interview questions you’ll be asked. For instance: “Tell me about a time when you noticed a co-worker was being negligent in terms of safety. What did you do?” To prepare ahead of time, research these kinds of questions, formulate responses and practice them.

Ask about the company’s safety policies.

In addition to your own background and experience when it comes to safety, it’s also important to show an interest in the company’s specific policies and procedures. If you get a tour of their facility, for example, ask about rules and regulations employees have to follow. Also, be sure to bring about safety-related responsibilities you’d have if hired for the position. This will demonstrate your commitment to workplace safety.

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