Hiring? Is There a Certain Number of Candidates You Should be Interviewing?

Five. 10. 20. What’s the right number of candidates to interview for a job? Some experts say between eight and 10. Others say three to five. In general, it depends on the position you’re hiring for. Certain jobs will attract a wider pool of applicants when compared to others.

Besides that, there is no right answer or target number you should be hitting when it comes to hiring. As one of the leading staffing agencies in Dade County, Future Force recommends ensuring you’re interviewing enough candidates that you have a choice when it comes to the hiring decision. At the same time, you don’t want to interview so many that you’re bogged down and take too long to make an offer.

To strike the right balance, here are a few tips to consider during the interview process:

Post solid job descriptions.

The better your job descriptions, the higher the quality of candidates who will apply to them. So make sure you invest the time to write accurate and effective job postings that best illustrate the opportunity. These should clearly define the role and responsibilities, but also talk about why a candidate would want to work for your company.

Promote in the right places.

Don’t simply post to the major job boards and call it a day. Make sure you’re also promoting your job postings in other places, depending on the position you’re hiring for. For example, an accountant will likely look in different places for jobs when compared to a warehouse worker. Wherever you post your jobs, you want to get them into the hands of the people best-suited for them.

Wait to interview.

Don’t schedule interviews with the first few applicants who apply. Wait a few days so you can better gauge the talent pool and decide which candidates seem to be the right fit for your opportunity. That way, you won’t waste a lot of time interviewing people who aren’t truly qualified.

Perform phone screens to narrow your interview list.

If you have a long list of candidates you’re considering, whittle it down with phone screens. You can invest 10 to 15 minutes with each one and gain some insight into whether they have the skills and background you need. Move only the most qualified candidates onto your short list of those to interview.

While there’s no magic number when it comes to interviewing, there are clear-cut steps you can take for a more efficient and effective process. That way, you can hire better people, faster.

Don’t have the time or resources for interviewing and hiring?

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