How Shifting Your Leadership Style Can Make You an Employee’s Perfect Match

Your company is built on the performance of your employees. That’s why improving retention is critical for success. So what can you do as a leader to keep your top people on board, happy and motivated? It all starts with the messages you’re delivering and how you’re communicating them. Here are a few key areas to focus on and consider shifting:

Goal Setting

To stay engaged, your people need to know exactly what you expect from them in terms of goals. What are the specific objectives? What’s the timeline? And what challenges might come up along the way? However, communicating these can be difficult for many leaders as they focus on the nuts and bolts.

What to do: Aim to inspire. When you do, you’ll bring goals to life for your employees, clarifying them in the process. For instance, share an experience or story about a similar goal and how it was achieved. Another way is through numbers. Talk about the impact achieving the goal will have on the department and the company at large. There’s power in numbers and they can help your people better understand your vision and goals for them.


Employees want to be rewarded and recognized; and in fact, it’s one vital way to retain them. However, if they don’t understand your incentives program or how they can benefit, then it’s not going to do them – or you – much good.

What to do: Take an approach where you’re treating your employees like customers. Your primary goal should be to demonstrate what’s in it for them. To do that, keep your message as easy to understand as possible; offer a look at the big picture, not all the minutiae; provide clear examples; and deliver your message using different channels, from in-person to video and print materials.


When it comes to motivating employees, there are all kinds of formal tactics you can employ. But really the most effective – the one that should be in your messages as leader – is a personal one.

What to do: Connect with each employee individually, getting to know them on a deeper level and learning specifically what’s important to them and what pushes them internally to succeed. You can then use that information to drive performance. When you take this approach, you’ll not only build stronger relationships, but more trust and loyalty, too.

Whatever you’re communicating to your employees, be authentic. Your team isn’t going to be inspired by corporate speak. They want to hear messages from you that are straightforward and sincere. When they do, they’re more likely to understand your vision, care about where the company is headed, and want to remain with you for the long-term.

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