Seven Easy Ways to Retain Happy, Hardworking Employees

When it comes to your business, you need to do more than make customers are happy. Your best employees require care and attention too in order to ensure they’re successful and stay on the job. But when you’re a busy leader, it might seem like a challenge to fit retention efforts into your hectic schedule. The good news is that there are several easy tactics you can start integrating today that will help you keep your top performers down the line.

1. Show thanks promptly.

When an employee goes the extra mile or meets a big goal, show them you noticed and appreciate their hard work. This is actually one of the most cost-efficient and effective ways you can make employees happy and feel good about working for your team. So make this a habit and do it in a timely manner. Also, get specific about what they did and why it made an impact. Vague flattery simply isn’t effective.

2. Delegate more work.

Top employees, whether they work in a manufacturing facility or staffing agency in Orlando, want to be challenged. But when they’re performing the same work day in and out, they’re going to get bored instead. So if you’re a micromanager, now’s the same to break the habit. Give them more responsibility and then let them handle the job without you looking over their shoulders. When you trust your people more, you’ll better retain them.

3. Invest in their success.

Your staff wants to be learning and growing, acquiring new skills that help them do their jobs better and advance their careers. Whether it’s through monthly brown bag lunches or paying for regular training, investing in the education of your employees shows you value them and gives them a reason to remain with your company.

4. Give them a voice.

When employees are part of the planning process for the department, they’ll be more vested in its success and helping you achieve your vision. Reach out and ask them to share their ideas, strategize with you, offer opinions and brainstorm together. Make sure you truly listen to everyone’s thoughts and concerns and incorporate what makes the most sense.

5. Set clear goals.

When employees aren’t clear about what you expect and when, disengagement happens. That’s why setting detailed goals and explaining the impact meeting them will have is vital. Your employees will understand the big picture in terms of vision, but also how their individual contributions make a difference, all of which is important for loyalty and retention.

6. Provide feedback.

Let your employees know where they stand on a regular basis. Talk to them in specific ways about their strengths and how they’re adding value to the team. Also, discuss areas where they need to correct course or develop more if needed. This sends the message that you not only care about their performance in terms of productivity, but that you personally want them to succeed.

7. Celebrate successes.

Every once in a while, you should take a step back and celebrate the wins. Whether it’s giving a quick shout out to your department during a company meeting or recognizing your whole staff through a rewards program, it will go a long way in boosting morale and engagement.

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