Easy Managerial Tips to Improve Your Luck with Employees

future force managerial tips improve connections with employees

With St. Patrick’s Day almost here, the luck of the Irish might be top of mind. Have you been lucky enough to find the right employees? Do you have the right mix of people on staff and are they satisfied and engaged?

If not, then now’s a good time to implement some steps so you can better motivate your team and get more from them. This might sound hard to do between strategy meetings and hot projects. But it’s actually easier than you think with the right approach.

And as one of Orlando’s leading staffing firms, Future Force is here to help. Here’s a look at five easy managerial tips to implement today, so you can make the change successfully:

Get to know your people on a personal level.

Your employees will not only work harder for you, but put more trust in you when there’s some kind of personal connection. That’s why it’s important that you’re not behind a closed door all day. You’ll create stronger and more meaningful relationships with your staff when you make an effort to be authentic.

Be a model for the behavior you want to see.

You can talk about engagement all day. If you’re not following through on your actions, you’ll simply build a culture of mistrust. For instance, it’s hard to tell employees that you expect them to stay late or come in on a weekend to complete a project if you’re not willing to do the same. Instead, aim to model the behavior you want to see.

Support career planning and advancement.

Today’s employees only stay on the job for a few years. That’s a far cry from decades ago when most people were employed by the same company for their entire career. While that might not be realistic, you can better retain and motivate your staff when you take an interest in their careers and offer tools for planning and advancement. This will enable to them to acquire a more diverse knowledge base and skill set, which can impact both their careers and your bottom line.

Give people freedom.

Your employees don’t want to feel like you’re constantly looking over their shoulders, checking their work. Instead, be clear about goals and expectations and then give them the freedom to achieve them in their own way.

Take a careful approach to hiring.

Don’t just hire anyone. Make sure those candidates you’re bringing on board have the right mix of technical skills, but also the personality that will fit with your culture. This can make all the difference in the world when it comes to engagement. Those who are a good match for your team will be easier to motivate and lead, performing more successfully as a result.

When it comes to improving engagement and motivation with your people, it’s more about a consistent effort and less about luck. Even just small steps implemented effectively can make a big difference.

Need help adding to your staff this spring?

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