First Impressions Matter: Attracting Candidates with Effective Job Postings

You create a job description, post an opening, and get flooded with resumes from unqualified candidates. What can you do to stop this frustrating cycle? It’s easier when you have an effective job posting in place. This will not only serve as an important tool during the hiring process, but it will help you to attract better-fit people. Here’s how it works:

Get more specific.

Oftentimes, the reason for loads of applications from candidates without the right qualifications comes from job postings that are too generic. The position isn’t clearly defined and, as a result, many people reading it feel they’re a good fit for it. Instead of letting this happen time and again, identify specific requirements and use explicit language. Give examples, too, of duties so candidates have a strong sense of what would be expected of them on the job.

Avoid company jargon.

Keep in mind that you’re hiring outside the company and want those who are unfamiliar with it to understand your needs. So don’t use language that makes it difficult for job seekers to determine whether or not they’re qualified for the opportunity. If you’re not sure whether your job description is easy to understand, work with one of the area’s office staffing agencies who can review your posting and offer you feedback.

Include information about culture.

Top candidates want the full picture when it comes to finding their next employer. So make it easy for them to discern whether your company and culture are the right fit for them. Describe what it’s like to work there and point them to your career website for further information and insight. Candidates who are a good match will be attracted to the job and others who don’t feel they’d be a fit, won’t apply.

Give candidates an assignment.

Rather than simply requesting a resume and cover letter, ask candidates to submit a sample of their work or to complete a small assignment. For instance, if you’re looking for a graphic designer, ask them to design a web ad that promotes your company. Those candidates who are most qualified will easily tackle the task, while those who aren’t won’t bother to apply.

Attracting top candidates to your team is never easy. However, by following the tips above, you can cut down on those who don’t fit the bill and increase your odds of finding and hiring the best-fit people who do.

Need help with the process?

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