Answering The “How Would You Describe Your Work Ethic” Question

Today’s employers want more than just people with strong skills. They want hard workers, those they know they can rely on. But, when a potential employer asks you about your work ethic, how do you respond? After all, you want to give an authentic answer, one that paints you in a positive light. To help you, here are a few tips to respond to this tricky question:

Jot down some ideas before your interview.

Expect to get asked this question during your next interview. When you have that mindset, you won’t get blind-sided by it. This will also give you some time to prepare your answer. While you don’t want to sound like you’re reading from a script, it’s important to cover examples of your work ethic that are the best fit for the particular job. This needs to be thought through ahead of time.

Give examples with hard facts.

The best way to answer this question is to tell a story and give an example. For instance, don’t simply say you’re a hard worker who’s willing to go the extra mile. Back that up with a specific time where you did that at work and what the outcome was. If possible, include any facts or figures to further validate your claim. Here’s an example:

“We were on a tight deadline to finish a big project for an important customer. So I came in early and stayed late over a period of weeks to lend an extra hand wherever needed. As a result, we actually completed the project one week early and the customer was thrilled. In fact, they just tapped us to tackle another project for them – the biggest one yet – thanks to all the hard work we put in.

Be specific but also concise.

Employers and hiring managers love hard numbers when it comes to you discussing your track record. So delve into details and be as specific as possible. However, at the same time, don’t get into a long-winded story. Try to keep it brief, simply highlighting key points. You’ll communicate your work ethic in a way that stands out to them.

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