If You’re Not Happy With Your Job, Take These Actions to Get Back on Track

Not happy with your job? You’re certainly not alone. Many employees out there aren’t satisfied with their current positions or employers. The difference is what you do about it. What steps should you take to get yourself and your career back on track? Here are a few to follow:

Identify what’s making you unhappy.

Is it your boss, co-workers, schedule or the work you do? A variation of all of these? Before you can take steps in the right direction, you first need to determine what’s making you unhappy. Once you know, then you’ll be able to identify how to best fix it.

Determine what you’re really looking for.

Perhaps there’s nothing really wrong with your current job. It’s just not meaningful or leading to the level of career satisfaction you want. In this instance, figure out what would make you happen. Are you looking for a step up or an opportunity in a different field? Once you know what you want, you can make the right moves to pursue it.

Create a game plan.

Now that you know where things are going wrong and what you need to be happy, you can outline how to change the situation. For instance, maybe you wish you had a more flexible work schedule. Then commit to having a conversation with your boss and discussing this option. Or perhaps you’re ready for a promotion. Figure out whether you have the necessary skills and experience to get there.

Decide whether to make a move.

Sometimes you won’t be able to fix what’s going wrong by staying with the same company. This is up to you to decide whether you want to give it another go or are ready to make a move. If you’re not sure, then just dip your toes in the job search waters by taking a look at postings see if any interest you.

Keep perspective.

Changing jobs might sound exciting. But keep in mind that there’s no such thing as the perfect employer. As a result, while you might improve certain areas by securing a different position, other issues can arise.

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