3 Ways To Explain the Gaps in Your Resume

Searching for a new job in the Orlando, FL area? For even the ideal candidate, it’s a tough road ahead. However, if you have gaps in your resume, it can be even more challenging. How do you explain the situation and still land the opportunity you want? Here are three tips that can help along the way:

Tip #1: Honesty is best.

Don’t try to get creative and hide the gap in your career history. You’re likely going to get caught and when you do, it’s not going to look good. Instead, just be upfront about it. This will help to demonstrate your honesty and integrity to potential employers. You’d be surprised at how many candidates attempt to exaggerate or lie to avoid an awkward conversation, so they’ll certainly appreciate your approach.

Tip #2: Be ready to talk about.

Don’t simply hope and pray that an employer is going to not ask about the glaring gap on your resume. Expect it. After all, it’s their job to get to know your work history and whether you’d be a good fit.

Keep in mind too, when you’re taking time off to care for kids, a sick parent, take a sabbatical or pursue a personal goal, employers will understand. They know that life happens and they also know there’s a lot you can learn while it does. So be ready to discuss not only what you were doing during your gap, but also what you learned throughout it all. Identify what skills you gained and perspectives you developed. Also talk about any professional development you participated in during your time away from work.

Tip #3: Stay calm and confident.

When you’re discussing your resume gap, don’t let your nerves get the best of you. Instead, try to stay calm and remain confident when you’re talking about the situation. Resume gaps are more common than you think and as long as you can articulately explain why you weren’t working for a certain period of time, then chances are it won’t impact your ability to get hired as much as you think.

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