3 Ways To Explain the Gaps in Your Resume

Searching for a new job in the Orlando, FL area? For even the ideal candidate, it’s a tough road ahead. However, if you have gaps in your resume, it can be even more challenging. How do you explain the situation and still land the opportunity you want? Here are three tips that can help along… Read More »

Resume Construction: Steps to Filling the Gaps in Your Resume

future force personnel resume employment gaps

You have some gaps in your career history. You didn’t think they were a big deal – until you started looking for jobs in Miami. Now, you’re finding out that for many recruiters and hiring managers, these can serve as a warning sign about recruiting you, especially if you don’t explain and position them right.… Read More »

Explaining Employment Gaps to Hiring Managers

Finding a new job in Miami isn’t always easy. But those gaps you have in your employment history can make the process even harder. How do you explain them during an interview, so they don’t work against you in the hiring process? As a leading employment agency in Miami, Future Force has the answers you need.… Read More »