Here’s Why It’s Okay to Take a Seasonal Position

The holiday season is just around the corner. There are plenty of jobs out there, as a result, but they’re just temporary. Feeling unsure about whether you should wait for a full-time opportunity to come your way or whether you should jump into the seasonal job market? Here are a few reasons you might want to consider it:

You can try out a new position or industry on a temporary basis.

Ever wondered what it was like to work in retail? Think hospitality might be for you, but not totally sure? A seasonal job offers the opportunity to try out different jobs and industries without a big commitment. You can get real, first-hand insight into them and find out whether they’d be a good fit for you on a full-time basis.

You can test out a dream company and get the inside scoop on working there.

Is there a company hiring on a seasonal basis you’ve always dreamed about working at? Now’s your chance to get an inside glimpse about what it’s really like. You can sign on for a temporary assignment and learn more about the leadership team, company culture and whether working there is still something you’d like to do. If you love it, you can make connections that could help you land a full-time position. If not, you can simply move on when your assignment ends.

You can earn some extra income while continuing to job search.

Just because you take on a seasonal job doesn’t mean you have to stop your full-time job search. You can still hunt for new positions, all while earning an income on a temporary assignment. Not only will you gain new skills and sharpen existing ones, but expand your network and boost your resume in the process. It’s a total win for you all the way around.

If you do decide to move on and try out a seasonal assignment, best of luck to you. Just make sure you treat it like any other job, arriving on time, wearing appropriate attire, always being prepared, and asking questions if you need clarification.

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