5 Essential Rules of First Aid

Now more than ever safety is on the news and in social media. Staying safe is top-of-mind, not only at home and in schools but work too. To put best practices into play at your place of employment, here are five essential rules when it comes to first aid:

Rule #1: Yell for help.

Whether you’ve been hurt or a co-worker has been injured, you need medical attention immediately. Don’t try to asses the situation on your own. Instead, shout out and notify someone to call 9-1-1. If no one hears you, keep shouting until someone takes action. If that still doesn’t work, then it’s ok to leave the injured person for a minute to find your cell phone so you can call. It’s better to get help, even if you have to leave them alone momentarily.

Rule #2: Administer CPR if needed.

If you’re trained in CPR and the injured person cannot breathe or is choking, then start CPR. If you don’t know how to do it properly, then do not attempt it. You can cause further damage, such as by puncturing a lung, or by forcing an object further down their throat. However, you can loosen their clothes to make breathing easier and take their pulse until help arrives.

Rule #3: Ask the injured person to speak.

While you’re waiting for medical providers to arrive, don’t ever move an injured person. They could have internal head or neck injuries that aren’t immediately apparent. But do ask them if they can speak and what happened. Also, ask about any medical alerts or allergies. If they were to lose consciousness before paramedics arrive, you can communicate those details so they’re properly cared for.

Rule #4: Stop the bleeding and assess whether you should drive them to the emergency room.

If the person is bleeding and needs stitches, apply direct and constant pressure to the wound to slow down the bleeding. If they’re able to move on their own, then transport them to the emergency room. They’ll get there faster and can be treated for their wounds quickly.

Rule #5: Don’t give them any medication.

Even if they ask for medication or water, don’t give the injured person anything until they’ve been evaluated by a professional. If they were to become unconscious, it could get caught in their throat, causing them to choke.

Once the medical situation is under control and the injured person is with medical professionals, you want to ensure whatever happened isn’t still a problem that could potentially injure someone else. For instance, if someone slipped in a puddle of water, get it cleaned up immediately.

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