9 Best Manufacturing Shoes To Keep You Safe in 2020

You need footwear that keeps you safe. Yet, many of your options seem clunky and uncomfortable. At the same time, flexibility and slip resistance need to be taken into account. Plus, there’s durability to consider in the equation, as well as other issues, like your weight and height, whether you have diabetes and if you have knee, back, or ankle issues.

It’s a lot to factor in. To help you make the selection that’s right for you and your foot health, here are some options to keep in mind as you’re shopping around:

Shoe #1: Timberland’s PRO Powertrain Sport

If comfort is at the top of your list, then consider this shoe. They’re lightweight, so you feel comfortable walking in them, yet they also deliver on performance too, keeping your feet safe while you’re wearing them in a manufacturing or industrial setting.

Shoe #2: Timberland PRO Branston Moc Toe Slip On Industrial Shoe

When you’re looking for a shoe that transitions easily from the office into the facility and back again, this shoe is a great option to consider. It offers slip-resistant and oil-resistant soles while providing plenty more in the way of protection and comfort, all in a casual style.

Shoe #3: KEEN Utility Atlanta Cool ESD Work Shoe

With this shoe, you get both protection and breathability thanks to the mesh design. It offers more comfort, as a result, as well as the job-site protection you’re looking for.

Shoe #4: KEEN Utility Detroit Low Steel Toe Work Shoe

This choice is both versatile and supportive, where it feels like a boot, but looks like a shoe. This combination makes it an ideal choice for a range of different light-duty manufacturing jobs.

Shoe #5: Caterpillar Argon Comp Toe Lace-Up Work Shoes

This shoe offers a more athletic style than most typical work boots. It also provides more flexibility and comfort thanks to the versatile design and non-metal toe, which reduces its weight.

Shoe #6: Caterpillar Brode Steel Toe Work Shoe

If style tops your list in terms of priorities when you’re shopping for work shoes, then these are an excellent option to consider. They’re leather, steel-toe, and slip-resistant, while also looking more stylish than many other options.

Shoe #7: Reebok Work Sublite Cushion Industrial Shoe

This shoe is the go-to one if you’re looking for lightness and the maximum amount of flexibility, while still getting protection. It offers a foam midsole that reduces the weight from most other industrial footwear, providing a greater range of motion in the process.

Shoe #8: Puma Safety Metro Rio Aluminum Safety Toe

This style offers you a unique design that can transition easily from the workplace to the weekends. At the same time, it’s durable enough to offer protection in workplaces that require it.

Shoe #9: Dr. Martens Gunby Steel Toe Shoes

An industrial version of the traditional Dr. Marten shoes, this selection provides comfortable, as well as protection, thanks to the steel-toe design. They’re also highly rated in terms of durability.
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