New Jobs Can Be Intimidating, But Here Are 7 Signs You Need One

Some events in life are more stressful than others. The death of a loved one, a divorce, and getting married are the top three. The fourth? Starting a new job. It’s definitely difficult and can feel like a minefield. However, if you’re experiencing a few signs at work, then it’s time to take a deep breathe and make a move. You’ll be happier in the long run when you do. Here’s what to look for:

#1: You think about a new job daily.

Everyone has days or weeks where they don’t love their job. It could be due to a difficult project or a challenging client. However, when it’s an everyday issue, and you dread going to work, then it’s time to take a step back and figure out why. Your work-life shouldn’t be overshadowing and negatively impacting your entire life.

#2: It’s impacting your health.

If you’re not sleeping well due to worries about work, or are stress eating, then it’s another sign it’s time to consider a different job. Your health is your priority, and no job is worth risking it. Plus, if you’re tired all day or not eating well, it’s going to put you in a bad mood and make everything seem worse.

#3: You keep getting sick.

Are you constantly coming down with the sniffles or a sore throat? Do you get frequent headaches or have issues with heartburn? These can all be signals that your stress at work is too much. If you’re constantly feeling like you’re about to get sick and you hate your current position, then it’s a good indicator a job search is the remedy.

#4: You’re drinking and staying out too late.

When people don’t like their jobs, one way they cope is through staying out too late and drinking too much. One glass of wine or beer after work isn’t a big deal. However, if you’re having many drinks every day, it’s a sign you’re self-medicating. It’s time to take a step back and reflect whether your job is really worth the stress it’s causing you.

#5: You’re bored at work.

There was a time when you loved going to work and got excited about the assignments you had. Now, you’re disengaged and perform the bare minimum to get by. Instead of living in a state of boredom and disengagement, it’s time to ask your boss for more challenging work. If that’s not possible, then a new job is in order.

#6: You’re having conflicts with your boss or co-workers.

If you typically get along with your fellow employees and manager, but are suddenly fighting with them, then it could be due to your own personal stress. You’re likely taking out your frustration on them because you’re feeling out of control. However, don’t sabotage these relationships. Instead, keep them intact and work to secure a new job. You’ll be able to leave on good terms rather than fighting against the inevitable.

#7: You’re making mistakes.

If you’re usually a solid performer and making more mistakes on the job, it could be because you’ve lost your motivation. Oftentimes, when employees are disengaged, it can lead to a lack of attention to detail. This, in turn, triggers mistakes, which can impact customers, your team members, and the company bottom line overall. If you’re making more than usual, then it’s time to think about a change.

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