2021 Top Hiring Strategies

It’s a New Year, one that looks completely different than this time last year. Are you prepared to manage your way through it with the right team in place? If you’re getting ready to hire for it, make sure you’re factoring in different strategies that will help you maximize your recruiting success. Here are a few top ones to keep in mind for 2021:

You need a strong employer brand to attract the best people.

Employer brands are critically important in the hiring process. In fact, 75% of candidates take it into account when researching jobs and companies. They want to work for the most popular, innovative companies, and a strong employer brand will communicate and promote this. If you don’t have one in place, then now’s the time to create one. The year ahead will be key to getting skilled people and reducing your cost-to-hire in the process.

Consider automation to streamline your hiring process.

For many years, hiring companies have been using technology, like applicant tracking systems, to screen resumes. Now, companies are taking it a step further, using automation and technology to find, attract, and engage with candidates, as well as nurture those relationships. This makes the entire hiring process more cost-efficient and faster, too.

For instance, more companies are using AI software when recruiting candidates and even scheduling interviews with them. This helps to hire managers and core HR staff members to focus on other important priorities, while still sourcing talented candidates.

Focus on soft skills when you’re hiring.

Emotional intelligence is a vital component to success on the job for a range of positions. It’s why employers are so focused on soft skills in addition to more technical ones when they’re hiring. These include everything from communication and collaboration to problem-solving and organization. No matter how much technology evolves or automation creeps in, soft skills and employees with strong interpersonal abilities will always be critical to success.

Source new candidates through social recruiting.

With most candidates using some form of social media, it’s increasingly becoming a platform on which hiring managers recruit. They’re using it to find, attract and hire new employees and build up a talent pipeline for future staffing needs. In addition, using social media enables companies to promote their employer brand so that potential new hires can learn about culture, leadership, mission, and more. It’s therefore becoming a tool that not only enables companies to recruit better-fit people, but promote why they’re an employer of choice.

Technology has certainly taken center stage in recruiting in recent years. However, effective recruiting, hiring, and staffing are still built on relationships. That’s where Future Force can help. With almost 30 years rooted in staffing and recruiting, we’ve become one of Orlando, FL’s award-winning staffing agencies. Our team knows how to find and attract new hires that would be an excellent fit for your company using new technology combined with old-fashioned fundamentals. Contact us today to learn more.

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