What Skills Should You Spotlight During an Interview?

During the interview process, a hiring manager is asking you many questions. At the same time, they’re asking themselves whether you’re the right fit for their needs. The best way to stand out? Focus on your skills. Here are a few to spotlight and why they’re so important.

Technical skills & experience.

When it comes to talking about skills and experience, make sure the examples you give are as specific to the position as possible. This means you might be talking about different achievements and duties from one interview to the next. The more relevant you can make your background and experience, the more likely you are to get noticed and get the job.

Flexibility & adaptability.

The work environment is constantly changing. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, different trends, emerging technologies, and shifting demographics have posed many challenges for employers. They need employees who are flexible enough to adapt quickly at a moment’s notice.

Energy & attitude.

Employers want people who bring a positive attitude and energy to their team. This has an overall impact on morale and can boost productivity and profits, as result. So let your good vibes shine during the interview. Also avoid talking negatively about a past boss or work situation. Instead, focus on what you learned from challenges.

Curiosity & an eagerness to learn.

Companies want to hire the kinds of people who are eager to learn, stay on top of industry news, and get up to speed on different technologies. Talk about ways you’re currently working or have done so in the past to increase your knowledge base. Discuss an area where you’re working toward becoming an expert. This will position you as an asset and a person who will add value to the team.

A willingness to collaborate.

Being a team player is important for many jobs. Employers want people who are going to mesh well and work with existing staff, supporting the team in a positive way overall. During your interview, offer examples of times you had to cooperate and work as part of a team toward a collective goal. Talk about the overall results and impact you were able to achieve.

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