How to Overcome Shyness & Carry Yourself Confidently in an Interview

Even the most confident, extroverted person gets nervous before a job interview. It’s only natural, after all. Job interviews have a way of feeling more like interrogations. In addition, talking about yourself or promoting your background or skills seems awkward; it can lead to even more discomfort.

The good news is that you can take steps to cope with your shyness and get over that feeling, so you perform with confidence. Here’s how:

Prepare ahead of time.

The more you prepare for the interview and practice your answers, the stronger you’ll feel like a candidate walking into the interviewer’s office. This means researching the company, reading about them online and on their social media channels, putting together a list of your own questions, and practicing your answers to common responses.

Practice public speaking.

There are groups, like Toastmasters, that prepare you to speak publicly. Before you start your search or have an interview, you can join one and get tips and techniques for coping with nerves. If you like to read, consider joining a book group where you’ll have to discuss your thoughts and ideas openly. If there are opportunities in your current job to present, then take them on and practice speaking publicly in front of others.

Step outside your comfort zone.

If you’re generally shy or introverted, practice getting outside of your comfort zone. When you’re out, say “hello” to people you would typically avoid eye contact with. If a friend or co-worker asks you to join them for happy hour or coffee, accept. The more you get out and socialize with others, the more comfortable you’ll feel with interpersonal interactions, such as job interviews.

Speak positive affirmations.

If you’re a hard-working and skilled candidate, there’s no reason to let shyness sabotage your interview efforts. Before each one, give yourself a pep talk about how you’re the right fit candidate, and you have value to offer. There’s a reason the hiring manager called you for an interview, and you’ve likely been selected over hundreds of other candidates. Keep that in mind when you’re walking into an interview, so you feel more confident.

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