Take a Chance & Hire a Recent College Graduate

When you’re hiring, you’re likely looking for someone with a certain level of skill and experience. New college graduates, therefore, aren’t even on your radar. However, there are certain times when hiring a brand new candidate could be the best path forward. Here are a few reasons why:

Knowledge and ideas are fresh in their minds.

For many of your veteran workers, they’ve been in the business for a long time. They might not be informed about the latest trends or challenges. However, a new college graduate will have just learned about them. Their knowledge base will be newer and possibly even more informed than seasoned employees. Adding someone with a diverse, fresh perspective to your team could be just the thing to spark creativity and innovation.

They’re energetic and motivated.

Despite what many news reports say about the latest generation of workers, many are ambitious and ready to work. They just need the right opportunity in which to hit the ground running. They’re also excited to make a difference and have the energy and drive to perform at high levels and impact productivity on your team.

You can train them from scratch.

If your employee is just out of college, they’re not going to bring with them any baggage from past companies or other office staffing agencies. They’re moldable and can be trained in a way that best suits your organization’s needs and mission. There aren’t any old processes or habits to unlearn. Instead, you can shape them from the start in your company’s way of doing things.

It will cost you less.

In terms of cost for salary and benefits, you’ll save on both when it comes to hiring new college graduates. Don’t undercut them, and do offer a fair and competitive compensation package. However, it will be less generous than if you were to hire someone with more experience, which will save you in the long run.

Looking for new college graduates to hire?

Let Future Force help. As one of the area’s leading office staffing agencies, we offer a team of experienced recruiters who can find the latest talent with newly earned degrees. We’ll also rigorously screen and interview them to ensure they’re a good fit for the role and your culture. You can hire faster, more affordably, and more effectively with our help. Contact us today to get started.

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