How to See Past a Bad Interview

Has this ever happened to you? You thought you found a perfect candidate. Then you brought them in for a final interview, and they botched it? This can be hugely disappointing, considering the amount of time and effort spent during the hiring process.

However, just because a candidate had one poor performance doesn’t necessarily mean you should write them off forever. In some cases, they’re still worth considering. Here are a few things to keep in mind before making a decision:

Were there any unconscious biases in play?

Did the candidate offer a weak handshake or didn’t dress as professionally as they did in previous interviews? Without realizing it, these unconscious biases can affect how we perceive others. It’s simply part of human nature. So when evaluating the interview, think about whether any of these played a part in how you perceived the candidate and whether you should give them another chance.

Did the interview set-up take the candidate by surprise?

If the candidate was expecting a one-on-one with you and got a room full of interviewers, it might have thrown them off. So think too about how the interview was structured, who was there, and whether all that was communicated to the candidate ahead of time. If they walked into the situation expecting one scenario and got a completely different one, then it can be easy to let nerves take over, impacting performance.

Have you performed skills testing?

The resume and interviews are a critical part of the hiring process. However, so are skills tests. Make sure before you write off an otherwise strong candidate that you test their skills or ask them to complete an assignment, allowing you to assess their abilities. You’ll then be able to find out more about their on-the-job performance, which is what matters most.

If, after all that, you still decide not to hire the candidate, try to find out where the situation went wrong. Were there any miscommunications that impacted the candidate’s performance during the interview? Do you think it was simply a matter of nerves getting in the way? Or perhaps they genuinely aren’t a fit for you, and you just dodged a potential hiring mistake.

Whatever the case, don’t lose a great candidate because of one bad interview, unless there’s a good reason. Take the appropriate steps to ensure your hiring process is open, clear, and as consistent as possible. Also, make sure you’re using skills assessments to predict the future performance of each candidate you’re considering hiring. This will all add up to a more effective process and better hiring decisions.

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