Here is What to Expect When Working With a Recruiter

The job search process can be stressful. From trying to find the right leads to waiting around post-interview, there are many unknowns and a lot of uncertainty and frustration, as a result.

One way to make the process easier is by working with a recruiter. These are professionals who can partner with you from the start of your job search to the offer. They can connect you with opportunities, get your resume into the hands of hiring managers, help you polish your interview skills, and work with you to make the right career decisions. If you do get rejected for a job, you can often find out why, so you don’t make the same mistake twice.

Having a recruiter is like having an “insider” who can make the process seem less nebulous and unclear. You’ll know which employers are hiring and can gain insight into what kind of culture they have. Thanks to insider information from a recruiter, you’ll be able to make a more informed choice when a job is offered.

Most of all, though, a recruiter can provide support, so you have someone to turn to for questions and advice. They’ll tell you what mistakes you’re making on your resume and whether a certain employer is well-suited for the direction you want to take your career. You’ll get a leg up on the competition, too, and ultimately find a better-fit job, faster.

So now you know why you should work with a recruiter. If you’re planning to, what should you expect when you actually do? Here’s a look:

You’ll have to interview.

Just like if you were interviewing with an employer, you’d interview with your recruiter as well. This will give them a chance to learn about your skills and background, as well as what kinds of jobs you’re most interested in. They can also offer you insight into where the jobs are and the level of competition there is, so you have more information about the whole process.

You’ll gain access to many jobs, including those not advertised.

In addition, when you work with a recruiter, you can expect access to the hidden job market. These are positions that aren’t advertised by employers and instead are filled through recruiters and staffing agencies. Many companies never post job openings and instead rely on these partners to fill them. It’s why you can often find a new job much quicker with the help of a recruiter.

You’ll be able to make yourself a more marketable candidate.

You’ll also get feedback and insight about where you stand compared with other candidates. When you’re searching on your own, it can feel like you have to wait without hearing anything back. With a recruiter, you’ll have answers right away, whether it’s good news or not-so-good news, and can actually make a decision about how to move ahead.

Meanwhile, your search is always kept confidential.

Finally, when you work with a recruiter, you can always expect them to keep the search confidential. They will understand that you’re still employed and aren’t ready to disclose the situation to your boss. You can count on them to be discreet in everything they do.

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