Do You Need Prior Experience to Get a Merchandiser Job?

With the holiday season here, you’re likely seeing a lot of jobs for merchandisers popping up. What exactly does this position entail – and do you need experience to apply? Heres’s what to know.

What does a merchandiser do?

A merchandiser works in a retail shop handling a range of tasks. These include organizing the store, so it’s appealing to customers, as well as creating attractive store displays that invite in more foot traffic and feature important products or sales.

It also includes managing inventory and store shelves to ensure they are fully stocked and to communicate when an item is out of stock. When it comes to customers, this role is key in helping them find items, assisting with purchases, answering questions, and dealing with any complaints.

What kind of experience is needed?

Typically, all you need is a good attitude and a high school diploma if you’d like a job as a merchandiser. If you do have some experience, then you might want to consider more management-level roles. If you get hired as an entry-level merchandiser, you can expect your employer to train you on the job in areas including: store policies, familiarizing you with their merchandise, explaining how to handle customer service situations, and teaching you about their inventory management software.

What skills are important?

When it comes to being a merchandiser, customer service and communication skills are key. You will be working with people all day, and it’s vital that you can answer questions in a friendly way and solve problems with a smile.

Some other skills that are important include organizational skills, creativity, time management, and computer literacy. Also, keep in mind this is a job where you will be on your feet for most of the day.

How can I find a job as a merchandiser?

At Future Force, we fill a wide range of roles as merchandisers with some of the areas leading retail organizations. Search our jobs now or contact our team. As one of Orlando, FL’s top temp agencies, we can help you with the application process and connect you with a new opportunity that’s a match for your lifestyle and career goals. We will discuss your background, skills, and preferences, all so you’re able to find a seasonal, part-time or full-time job in merchandising, faster.

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