How to Shut Your Work Brain Off After the Day

How to Shut Your Work Brain Off After the Day | Future Force Personnel

When you’ve finished your workday, you want to unwind and spend time with your family or friends. However, this can be difficult if you have a hard time shutting your brain off from a demanding day.

You don’t want to think about work, yet a difficult project, unhappy customer, or stressful deadline keeps circling around in your mind. How can you put these thoughts on pause, so you can enjoy your downtime? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Get Some Rest and Shut Your Work Brain Off

Plan activities that take your mind off work

One way to turn your brain off is to channel that mental energy into something else. This can be anything from painting and gardening to working out, taking a yoga class, or playing a game with your kids.

When you are involved in an activity like any of these, it’s taking your attention away from thinking about work. As a result, you’re still active and engaged, just in a way that gives your mind a break from job-related thoughts and stressors.

Create a schedule for your next workday

When you end your workday in chaos, then the start of the next day is going to feel the same. Not only that, but you’ll be mulling it over when you should be relaxing or hanging out with your family.

To avoid this, be more organized and disciplined about how you end your workday. Create a plan for the next day, complete with written goals and tasks. Writing down all those things you need to work on or finish gets them out of your head and down on paper. This allows your brain to take a break from thinking about them because you know you’ll deal with them the next day.

Skip the daily vent sessions

If you talk about work all the time when you’re at home, then it’s hard to get the break you need. Sometimes you need to vent. However, try to keep this to a minimum. Otherwise, this means you’re actively thinking about work and it’s further eating into your downtime.

If you’re truly struggling at work, rather than complaining verbally about it all the time, take a more effective approach. Write it down. What’s bothering you and why? This is called expressive writing and can actually help you to move on from a stressful event far better than just complaining about it.

Keep your screen-time limited

If you’re always on your phone, checking your email or projects at work, then it’s hard to turn your brain off and focus on other areas of your life. This is why setting screen time limits is important to do.

If you stay on your phone all the time after work, then you’re not really getting a break. This excessive screen time has a range of negative impacts on your physical health, as well as mental and emotional well-being.

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