Don’t Neglect the Pay/Benefits Balance

Don't Neglect the Pay/Benefits Balance | Future Force Personnel

When you’re recruiting new employees, salary is a big consideration. However, so too are benefits. These can have a big impact on the quality of life for workers, as well as their families. Benefits can therefore affect your ability to recruit the best and brightest people to your team.

In fact, according to a survey by Glassdoor, almost half of job seekers said attractive perks and benefits are a major factor in applying for job. When surveying employees, 80% said they prefer better benefits to a higher salary. It’s why attractive benefits are key when it comes to recruiting new employees and retaining your existing staff.

So which benefits are most important to employees? Here’s a look at 3:

Why Shouldn’t You Neglect the Pay/Benefits Balance?

Health insurance.

Not surprisingly, health insurance is the benefit that ranks first in terms of importance. This gives your people the assurance that if they or an immediate family member has an illness or injury, they’re covered. Even with a younger workforce, offering robust insurance plans and comprehensive health benefits, including dental and vision, can go a long way in setting your company apart from your competition.

Retirement benefits.

Another key benefit that can help attract top-quality workers is your retirement options. Employee matching programs – with unlimited matches – are another way to set your company apart when you’re recruiting or in your retention efforts. This makes employees feel valued and more secure in terms of their financial future.

Unique perks.

Another way to appeal to top candidates is with unique perks and benefits. The ones you’ll want to offer depend on the employees you have on your team and the ones you want to recruit. For instance, for younger generations of workers, tuition reimbursement and educational stipends can be valuable. For those more experienced workers, offering profit sharing can improve employee satisfaction. Others to consider include stipends for commuting or transportation and paid volunteer days.

In today’s stressful world, having the right balance between salary and benefits is key. It gives employees peace of mind and helps them to maintain a healthy work life balance, so they are happy at your company and stay for the long run.

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